What is Email Marketing Pro

Email Marketing Pro is software that brings together the tools you need to run successful email campaigns. By combining an intuitive campaign wizard, premium email templates, and the email service of your choice, Email Marketing Pro lets anyone do email marketing for free on their Windows PC.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Build brand awareness and engage customers

Attract clicks to your website or landing page.

Earn $38 for every $1 spent (national average).

Expert Insights

How to Get Email Addresses

Should you buy a mailng list or collect emails organically?

How to Write a Marketing Email

6 tips on how to write an effective marketing email.

Market For Free

Here are 6 ways to market your business for free.

Why Email Marketing?

With Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, and instant messaging available does your business need email marketing?

The Email Marketing Mindset

Our experts provide insights on the type of mindset required to be an effective email marketer.

Setting Goals

What's the overall goal of your email marketing campaign? What is the goal of each email you send?